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Meet the Content Creators

Steve Shave
Clinical Lead
Fully accredited cognitive behavioural psychotherapist
Former CBT lead in NHS primary care mental health services
12 years experience of working in mental health
Diagnosed with ADHD aged 40
Erica Fortescue
Coaching Partner
Fully accredited ADDCA certified ADHD Coach
Worked on neurodiversity with Google, Disney, Forbes & MIT
Ryan Mayer
Coaching Partner
Fully accredited ADDCA certified ADHD Coach
Built a 400,000 follower ADHD community on TikTok
Diagnosed with ADHD aged 16
Ellie Sturrock
Stimuli Mindfulness Therapist
Fully accredited CBT & ACT Therapist
British Association of Mindfulness-based Approaches
Jo Hawkins
Stimuli Nutritionist
BANT & CNHC Registered Nutritionist
Certified Lifecode GX Nutrigenomics Practitioner
MSci Astrophysics at UCL
Natasha Hickling
Coaching Partner
Fully accredited ADDCA certified ADHD Coach
Previously a Special Needs Coordinator (SENCO).
Diagnosed with ADHD

Meet the Operational Team

Harit Gillar
Ex-growth at a YC telemedicine Fella
Led the development of a contact tracing app for STIs
Entrepreneurship at UCL
Diagnosed with ADHD aged 22
Stella Friedrich
Inpatient Nursing Assistant - Early Psychosis
ADHD coach in training (ADDCA)
Psychology at Kings College London
Diagnosed with ADHD aged 22
Dr Clare Young
Clinical Advisor
Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society
Specialises in neuro-developmental conditions