Designed with the ADHD mind in mind


Learn how ADHD works, how it affects our brains and emotions, and what we can do about it.

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Learn practical tools, skills and coping mechanisms from people who live and breathe ADHD.

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Do I need a diagnosis to use the Courses?
Absolutely not!

We know how tough it can be getting a diagnosis & at the moment 50% of our users are undiagnosed.

The way we see it, if you struggle with any aspect of ADHD, or think you have ADHD - Stimuli is for you.
Why do you have therapy & coaching?
We have a mixture of therapy & coaching courses.

Some subjects are best suited to therapy and some are better for coaching.
Can I choose the order I do the courses in?
Yes - you can choose
Are there more courses one the way?
Yes we do, we plan to have courses covering all aspects of ADHD.
Can I ask the course creators questions about the content?
Yes, all our course creators are in our community and you can ask them questions.